The public sector is open for business!

Thanks to our Assistant Director, Ruth Donnelly, for this post on graduate opportunities in the public sector which is based on some recent surveys in graduate recruitment – Rebecca

Despite some adverse press coverage about spending cuts affecting the public sector, it’s worth being aware that there are still plenty of opportunities for graduates in this sector and it’s predicted to continue increasing. In fact, graduate vacancies in the public sector have grown by a staggering 94.4% in the last 7 years (The Graduate Market in 2014 – High Fliers Research) and are predicted to grow by 23% coming year (AGR Graduate Recruitment Survey 2015).

Some of the best known schemes which attract large numbers of graduates are the NHS Leadership Scheme and the Civil Service Fast Stream. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the European institutions are crying out for UK nationals, who are recruited via the European Personnel Selection Office. Frontline is a growing public sector organisation which offers a 2 year graduate development programme for high-achieving graduates to join one of Britain’s toughest and most rewarding professions: children’s social work.

Public sector employers are looking for future leaders who can demonstrate: honesty, integrity, impartiality, passion for public service and the desire to make a difference and have an impact in the community. Entry is competitive and the opportunities are stretching but most come with the offer of permanent jobs at the end of their leadership development programmes.


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