Get Stuffed!

Many thanks to my colleague Lindsey McLeod for this post on careers in…Taxidermy! That’s right we don’t just bring you information on ‘mainstream’ careers on Inform.ed, every now and then we like to bring you something a little more unusual – Rebecca

Fancy a career in Taxidermy?

A lot of the time our Inform.ed posts focus on more ‘typical’ sectors of the labour market, but as a Careers Service we are here to support your career plans, whatever they may be.  A recent post that caught my eye was on the fabulous Guardian Careers site and its post on Taxidermy; a real insight into a more hidden area of the labour market.

Taxidermy is having a semi-resurgence and has its own Guild of Taxidermists representing the sector, as well as conventions and exhibitions celebrating this art form.  Art form it really is with many people entering the sector from creative backgrounds and many of the outlets for taxidermy are within cultural/heritage settings, such as museums and galleries or they may form part of a creative photo shoot to add to a particular stylistic vision.

As with so many career paths the recommendations are to futureproof yourself by gaining experience, networking and through practice of your skills and abilities.  So if you’re harbouring dreams of becoming a taxidermist or perhaps another more off-beat career then pay the Careers Service a visit.  We can help you identify your target labour market and you can start to plan your next steps utilising this knowledge, taxidermist or not.


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