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Are you interested in working for the Civil Service? If so, read this excellent update on Civil Service Recruitment from Matt Vickers, Careers Consultant (Engineering and Maths).

The Civil Service is one of the largest employers in the UK.  It supports the Government to implement its policies and offers an opportunity to contribute to challenging, fast-paced work that makes a difference to the whole of society.

Getting in

The Civil Service recruits graduates through:

1. Direct entry into its many departments and agencies as Administrative Officers or specialists (e.g. Assistant Statisticians).

2. The Fast Stream. Fast Streamers work across the Civil Service, typically gaining experience of working in different government departments, as they are developed to become our future leaders. The programme offers potential for career progression to reach the very highest levels of the organisation.  Applicants may be serving Civil Servants as well as university finalists and graduates, making it a competitive process – although Edinburgh graduates have fared well in the process over recent years.  This affords the opportunity to begin as a direct entrant then subsequently apply to The Fast Stream.

3. In addition, the Civil Service runs two Diversity Programmes to offer a paid insight for candidates from ethnic minority, socially or economically disadvantaged backgrounds, or who have a disability:

      • General programme, (all students) or
      • Digital Data and Technology, DDaT (STEM students)

Fast Stream Opportunities

*Applications open at noon on Thursday, 23 September 2021 and close after 4 weeks*

Worth knowing…


The Fast Stream is UK-wide, with some posts being based in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland; (e.g. international aid posts within the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) – formerly the Department for International Development (DfID) – are located in London and East Kilbride). In addition, devolution means that many non-Fast Stream posts are recruited directly by the devolved nations’ civil services, giving you additional opportunities in:

Local level

Beyond national government, civil servants also work in Local government.  There is a National Graduate Development Programme (NGDP) run by the Local Government Association in England and MyJobScotland advertises roles within Scotland’s 32 local authorities.


The NHS in each of the devolved nationals also offers opportunities in administration, policy, data, GP practice management and other roles as well as running graduate leadership schemes not too dissimilar to the Fast Stream:


To gain a real sense of other public sector opportunities, browse the job vacancy archive on MyCareerHub.  From the Opportunities tab, go to:

> More Search Options

> Industry (Select Public sector) then

> [Tick box at bottom] Include expired opportunities




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