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Claire L. Cleland, Katy McComb, Frank Kee, Ruth Jepson, Michael P. Kelly, Karen Milton, Glenna Nightingale, Paul Kelly, Graham Baker, Neil Craig, Andrew James Williams, Ruth F. Hunter. Effects of 20 mph interventions on a range of public health outcomes using the meta-narrative method. Journal of Transport and Health https://doi.org/10.17863/CAM.43939

Jepson Ruth, Hunter Ruth, Williams Andrew J., Milton Karen, Foster Charlie, Kelly Mike….. Turner Kieran, (2018). Is 20 Plenty For Health? Methods for an evaluation of the 20 mph/30kph speed limit in Edinburgh and Belfast on a range of public health outcomes.

Turner Kieran, Jepson Ruth, MacDonald Bradley, Kelly Paul, Biggs Hannah, Baker Graham, (2018). Developing and refining a programme theory for understanding how twenty mile per hour speed limits impact health. Journal of Transport & Health,

Other publications


Report on key outcomes following the implementation of 20mph speed limits in the City of Edinburgh


Is 20 plenty for health? Evaluation of the 20mph speed limit networks in Edinburgh and Belfast on a range of public health outcomes poster

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