Linking Ideas

The links I have found between my fungi project and violence towards women, both current/past.

The similarities and themes I wish to convey through my art work:

  • the slow creeping growth of mould is silent, engulfing and unpreventable. Violence towards women is much the same, in the way that it is something that has existed for centuries. It feels unstoppable and that nothing will ever stop it from occurring. It feels suffocating, a slow creeping dread. Similar to the growth of mould.
  • relates the two topics to death and the end. Mushrooms grow on things that are dying/rotting.
  • conveys the sense of helplessness towards the situation; it is going nowhere. It is stagnant and mouldering with time
  • It gives a small sense of renewal, the cycle of life after death. A potentially mild glimmer of hope


Words of relation:

  • engulfing
  • suffocating
  • growth
  • unstoppable
  • unpreventable
  • death
  • renewal
  • hopeless
  • leaching
  • stagnant

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