Link to violence towards women

Recent events have caused me to become ever more concerned with violence shown towards women. In public and also in their own homes.

Links above are to two current stories: the murders of two women in London, Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa. Both women were approached while alone and both ended up killed.

From Everard’s Vigil:

  • “could have been anyone”
  • “we have all felt unsafe when it is dark outside”
  • “stand in solidarity with all women”
  • “shame on you” chant as policed removed women from vigil

Ms Harman said women’s confidence in the police “will have been shattered”.


I find a relation between the deep yet unseen connection that women share with each other; and the hidden underground network of fungi that links them all to each other from afar. I want to try and show this relation through my art within this project.

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