Different sculpture materials

When considering mushrooms and nature in general:

I was walking along a beach collecting urchin shells, which are extremely delicate. I collected around 20, was very careful with them, and only two made it home in once piece.

The beach this day was particularly stormy, it was extremely windy and the sea was rough. Yet these little delicate spheres had weathered that storm, made it through the tides to come to this resting point on the shoreline.

This led me to consider the fragility of nature, how when we take it from its original space, it instantly becomes in danger. When I thought of the mushrooms I have been looking at, and how so delicately tiny they are that one touch could crush them entirely, or turn them to their liquid state.

I am now thinking of ways to mirror this fragility and impermanence within my work, by making some mushrooms from:

  • edible paper, as this is extremely delicate in itself and also, like mushrooms at the end of their time, the work will dissolve
  • icing, again it is fragile and not permanent and can be easily manipulated for the delicate parts of the mushrooms e.g the gills underneath
  • regular paper, again is delicate and could be seen as impermanent if left outside

Little Mushrooms handmade paper sculptures and dried flora image 7.       Meringue Mushrooms - Our recipe with photos - Meilleur du Chef

Could create the base for an interactive art piece. The addition of water/the effects of weather would shape this artwork and erode it as time goes on, could link back to the theme of women in society once again


metal mushroom sculptures:

Following on from the idea of Kintsugi, I am going to create some metal sculptures of mushrooms, which will come out from the cracks in walls in buildings.

The idea behind this is to explore how nature can reclaim and rebirth from the smallest of spaces and in places that you may not expect. Allowing nature into a rural scene, suggesting that nature could fix what we as humans have done towards it when considering out current climate disaster.


Exploring the roots

Thoughts on how to explore the roots of mushrooms to show the hidden networks underground:

  • grow some in a terrarium
  • grow some in water? In a glass container?
  • similar to the idea of an ant farm

Could also use a glass tank and artificially create a “roots system”.

Could be lit? Taking on from glow in the dark mushrooms. Could also feed mushrooms with liquid UV and see if I can create my own glow in the dark mushrooms?

Artificial roots could be strings of lights, could spread out from the display.

Mould Growth

on Thursday 14/10/21

Created two petri dishes:

Petri dish one: contains samples of “DNA”, saliva, hair, nails, bottom of shoe

Petri dish two: contains samples of mushrooms and food mould

I will be documenting their growth and seeing what works best. I then want to experiment placing my negatives from my initial photoshoot with Julia within the petri dish so that the mould can grow freely over the image.


First trial photo shoot. Using real mushrooms to apply to the face, using eyelash glue.

Focusing on Ophelia painting as inspiration.


  • Out doors worked better for more natural and aesthetic photos
  • mushrooms were quite heavy to use, wire seemed to work well to get them to hold up
  • seemed too “beautified”

Future plans:

  • work a bit darker
  • use vaseline, or other substance on the face
  • add the mushrooms in to it


This is a large scale painting I have begun to create using acrylics.

I am using it as experimentation as I have not painted in a long time. I plan to work into it over a long period of time, and not rush or push it. It will be a physical documentation of my ideas for this project as it continues.