making and breaking narrative – final project and reflection

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For this project, I decided to create a collection of poems and photographs that resembles a twisted version of a coffee table children’s book. The poems and images help create a narrative about creating a narrative. When I first started thinking about the concept of making narrative, my mind immediately went to story-telling, and how, at least as children, we project and constantly create a story based on the world that surrounds us. When a child plays, they are essentially stepping into a world of their own, a world in which they dictate what happens and who gets to be part of the play, and how they talk, and what they do. Through play, they become a sort of God. This idea, of a playful god, is one I have been interested in exploring for a while. Creation is, by its nature, creative. I wanted the experience of play to permeate the entire narrative experience of the dollhouse. When in play, we create stories based on the objects we are presented with, and we give them a role to play based on the voices and characteristics we create for them.

Playing with the dollhouse: improvised play (bonus film):

This film was created as a way of entering the dollhouse reality before writing about it. It captures the improvisational and imaginative process of play by two masked characters, who are co-creating a narrative through interaction. When something breaks, it becomes part of the play. It served as a source of inspiration for the poems in the collection.


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Hello, I'm Abby. I'm a philosophy student and I like looking at art that exemplifies the playfulness of reality. I enjoy writing meditations and re-imagining time, space and consciousness, oftentimes by contemplating the meaning of their absence. I also like re-imagining my identity through characters, and recently I've been drawn to clown/dollhouse imagery.

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