welcome to the now. stay awake…


'The False Mirror', René Magritte, 1928
‘The False Mirror’ by René Magritte, 1928


Throughout the course of this term, I am looking to explore the significance of the window and the eye as a portal to the city and through which the self meets the other, which is to say it remembers that it is the other, and so it meets itself. This is something I’ve gotten to explore and play with during this period of isolation throughout the four places I’ve inhabited in quarantine. I will probably be including mirrors, windows, and a dollhouse in my work this semester. As well as documenting my experience through writing, I’m also really looking forward to working with paints and textures, as well as film, photography and collage to explore the blurry lens through which the contemporary, isolated urban dweller perceives itself and the city.


‘Bunfight with Copernicus’ by Michael Cheval
Seeing in orange, Blades, 2021
‘Seeing in orange’, Blades, 2021


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