Revised Plan for Outcomes

In previous posts on this blog I have outlined a range of possible outcomes that could arise from, or constitute a culmination of, this research project. These have included ideas for “micro residencies”, studio visits, multimedia interviews and publications; as well as ideas for expanding the WORKSITE blog, and writing some kind of “manifesto” or thesis. Of these options, I now feel like it is the latter that is the most achievable at this late stage in the project, and it is also this option which appears to have the most potential for generating further work beyond the parameters of this course.

The reason that I feel that the production of a written work as my final outcome is most achievable is largely down to the constraints I face at this point in the project. There is now very little time left until the project deadline, and I feel like it would be foolish of me to try and achieve too much in this short period. For the same reason, I am reluctant to initiate any kind of collaborative work, as I feel that this would leave my project at the mercy of other people’s schedules and responsibilities.

Fortuitously, the notion of working within constraints is appropriate to my project, as “enabling constraints” is a theme which I have been working with for some time now. Therefore I should be able to use my own experience of constraint as a way of “enabling” me to generate an outcome for this project, as a kind of self-reflexive test of my own thesis. Or to put it differently, the experience of writing and delivering an outcome within the constraints I have described – an outcome which is itself concerned with the positive application of constraint – should at least be an interesting exercise in and of itself.

As noted above, the outcome which I believe to be most appropriate and achievable at this point is the thesis/essay/manifesto option. Constraints aside, I know that I am capable of producing quality written work, and that the process of writing itself requires relatively little in terms of resources (compared to, say, launching an exhibition or conducting a series of video interviews). Furthermore, as my research so far has focused mostly on reading / rereading and writing, it seems right that the product of this work will take a written form.

My revised idea / plan for a project outcome is now as follows:

  • to write a short, accessible, illustrated thesis / manifesto / essay which clearly articulates my thinking behind the themes of “enabling constraints” and “art practice as a form of collaboration with the environment”;
  • this essay will use the original WORKSITE blog submissions as the main source of content, while incorporating insights and ideas from the research I have conducted during this project;
  • the finished product will be posted to the WORKSITE blog in the form of an illustrated and referenced blog post, with the potential for additional “hard copy” publication;
  • this work will also be shared on social media, with the aim of disseminating ideas and inviting commentary.

Therefore my project submission will now be composed of three distinct parts:

  1. this blog / portfolio, which will contain all of my research, notes and ideas generated throughout the project;
  2. my illustrated essay / thesis, which will be shared on the WORKSITE blog and also within this portfolio;
  3. a reflective essay, which critically examines my performance during this project, and the success / failure of my research and intended outcome.

One thought on “Revised Plan for Outcomes”

  1. This all seems viable and makes sense in terms of the way this project has developed. It’d be good if the manifesto component were created as a printable PDF. That way you can distribute it beyond the blog – i.e. it can become a print on demand publication. This is important as it sets the parameters of the publication (constraints it) in ways that actually make it more accessible. Having a (draft) printable copy means it can be made available offline…

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