Was looking at different old and special breed birds and the fantastic range of eggs they lay in all kinds of colour, patina and sizes.

Seeing the array of different eggs produced by birds, particularly chickens that look quite similar and yet produce very different lays, I was struck by how the birds are known by their eggs as much as their plumage.  The eggs are an identifier, unique to that species.
A material extension to the bird’s body.  Existing apart and yet together. Of the bird, and yet so utterly different.

The only commonality I could draw is with the output of artists.  You type an artist’s name into google, and whilst a few portraits may crop up: moody, ‘artsy’, maybe in a smoky black and white, the majority of the pictures will be of the artists work.  Like a clutch of eggs they will may share a common superficial appearance, yet each work is distinct and irregular.  From the same nest there will be smaller products, some irregularly shaped or more highly coloured.  There may even be some that are cracked, the less successful works that languish at the bottom of the search results.

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