Experiment Report

12% Acetic Acid White Vinegar as opposed to 5% concentration used previously.  Most commercial vinegars for consumption and cleaning are 5% Acetic Acid or lower.

1 PBB Duck Egg
1 PBB Chicken Egg, NOT BLOWN
2 Previously blown Chicken Eggs
1 Fresh Chicken Egg

(PBB = Past Best Before)

Within 10 minutes the higher PH vinegar has eaten away at the coloured outer shell layer.

Will update with how the vinegar performs under low heat and to what extent the addition of heat accelerates the ‘de-shelling’ process.

One thought on “Experiment Report

  1. Older blown egg membrane are thinner, less elastic and almost tissue paper like. Not particularly well suitable for taking impressions.

    Boiling the blown eggs in vinegar for under an hour disintegrated the shell to a stage where the shell could be pulled off from the membrane.

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