Draw in space but make it BIG

6mm steel rod manipulated into ladder form, 1.5m approx.

Was disappointed with the final look of this experiment. Though it was great to be down in the metal workshop again, synthesizing something pretty quickly and always good to practicing welding, shaping metal etc.

Perhaps due to the machine-manufactured quality of the starting material, and the mechanical processes I used to bend and shape the rods, instead of looking like an idiosyncratic, whimsical drawing, the steel ladder has more of a bauhaus, European Modernist look about it.

Whereas I wanted to retain the shaky, imprecise quality of the hand drawn line.

One thought on “Draw in space but make it BIG

  1. Perhaps painting the steel ladder with Stuart Semple’s Black 3.0 would be an interesting experiment?

    Take it away from that industrial, modernist design canon?

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