Working with eggs I have a lot of tissues around. To wipe away egg and shell residue, to clean the tips of runny super glue etc. Easy material on hand to scribble down thoughts that come into my head. I wanted to capture not only the material process in all its stages, but try and seize fleeting thoughts as they appear, no matter how odd and throwaway they may be.

Reflecting on the intimate relationship I’m developing with the material.  I can feel the smooth, matte, cold texture of the egg shell on my fingers even whilst typing this.

To continue with this theme of eggs and the human body/eggs as clothing accessories… 24/03/21

Merrymakers at Shrovetide, Frans Hals, 1616-17

The Met’s Object Description lists the revellers as performers from the Painters’ guild, putting on theatrical productions for the celebration of Shrove Tuesday.  The figure on the left is Pekelharing, who sports a garland of what is described as ‘salted fish and eggs’. Though I see sausages, green beans and eggs more than salted fish.

A garland of eggs?  Why not.  They are like beautiful great gemstones.  Seemingly divine in their mathematical perfection and otherworldly in their smooth, unblemished surface.

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