Artist’s Ladders

Alarm Clock 1919 Francis Picabia 



Sky Ladder, Cai Guiqiang Firework display in the shape of a ladder that extends up into the sky. 
Having grown up as a child in the coastal city just across the Straits from Taiwan, Cai became accustomed to hearing explosions as Mainland artillery batteries traded fire with Nationalist batteries on the other side.
It left him with a fascination of explosions and although his latest project lasted only 80 seconds it took weeks of hard work to realise and years of planning.
500 metre-high structure made from wires laced with fireworks, which was hoisted into the sky by a large weather balloon.
Guoqiang’s team of hundreds of experts spent countless hours planning the project, but for the artist himself, “Sky Ladder” has been a 21-year-long dream.
Guoqiang’s first attempt at his “Sky Ladder” came in 1994, when he launched a similar balloon into the sky.
However, strong winds twice felled his balloon, causing him to ultimately suspend the project.
When Shanghai hosted the APEC summit in 2001, Guoqiang planned to launch the “Sky Ladder” once more, but his plans fell through once more after the events of September 11 restricted access to the skies.
Last Ladder 1959 Carl Andre born 1935 Purchased 1972


1985 Richard Wentworth

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