Update: the 2021 Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium is moving online. Read more here. 

Welcome to Nilotic@Edinburgh!

We are a group of researchers (from undergraduates to professors emeriti) at the University of Edinburgh who study various aspects of the Nilotic languages. Many of our current projects concern the grammar and phonology/phonetics of several closely-related West Nilotic languages, but we also pursue the implications of our linguistic work for related fields, including literacy, cognitive linguistics, sociolinguistics, and music.

The West Nilotic languages are spoken in an area ranging from southwestern Kenya, north through northern Uganda and northeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, to South Sudan and southwestern Ethiopia. Several of these languages have unusually rich prosodic systems; they distinguish words and word forms from one another by means of vowel length, lexical tone, and voice quality. The researchers within our group currently study Dinka, Nuer, Reel, and Shilluk, West Nilotic languages that exhibit these phenomena.