How to quickly and easily reduce the file size of your lecture slides

The Informatics Open Courseware service currently (as of January 2024) has a file upload size limit of 6MB. This is to ensure the performance of the site is not compromised at it continues to grow. If you have some files which currently exceed this size –  and which could be reduced – then you may want to consider the following options.

Mac Users

PDF files

For Mac users, if you are looking to compress a small number of files, the Preview App is probably your best friend here. Open the PDF in Preview and choose File>Export. Select the Quartz Filter pop up menu and then select “Reduce File Size’.

Word documents

For Word documents, you can use Pages instead of Preview to reduce your document’s file size.

Linux Users

Linux users may be interested in – free, open source software for editing and manipulating digital images. This is especially useful for tasks requiring bulk image file manipulation.



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