Migrating a Learn Test to a Gradescope Online Assignment

This blog post is aimed at anyone who needs to migrate content from a Learn Test to a Gradescope Online Assignment.

The following instructions presume you are already enrolled as an Instructor on both the Learn course you will be copying from, and the Gradescope course you will be copying to. It also assumes you have familiarised yourself with the following:

  1. In one internet browser tab, open the Learn course you will be copying the test from. Go to the Course Management section and select Course Tools > Tests, Surveys and Pools > Tests.
  2. Select the test you wish to copy and choose Edit from the contextual menu.
  3. In a separate browser tab, access the Gradescope course you will be copying content to. (You may find it easier to have the Learn Test open in one browser tab on one screen, with Gradescope opened in a separate window on your additional screen.)
  4. Select Create Assignment > Online Assignment > Next.
  5. Copy the name of the Test from Learn. You must enter a release date and due date. Unless otherwise stated in the Learn Test, enter the first and last date of semester in these fields to ensure students will have access to the test for the duration of their course. Select Create Assignment.
  6. Copy the Question title from Learn in to the Question title field in Gradescope.
  7. Copy the Question text from Learn into the Problem field in Gradescope.
  8. In Gradescope, select Insert Field and choose the question type from the drop-down menu.
  9. Assign the appropriate number of maximum points .
  10. Continue to add the remaining questions for the Test / Quiz in Gradescope.
  11. Select Save Assignment when complete.

A video walkthrough of the above can be found here.


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