Resource Lists 2021/22

The Resource Lists rollover is now complete and lists for courses running in 2021/22 have been published.

Resource Lists (both Published and in Draft) have been copied from 2020/21 and from 2019/20 so even if your course didn’t run last year, it should have been copied for use in 2021/22.

Last year’s Resource Lists will shortly become read only.

You’ll see the 2021/22 course code at the top of your list, please make sure you edit and update this version of your Resource List for next academic year.

Find your 2021/22 list and check you can edit the list

You should now be able to review and edit your 2021/22 list by going to the Resource List homepage and checking under ‘Lists’ (hamburger menu in the top left). Remember to sign in to view your Resource Lists. You’ll know you’re signed in when you can see your initials in the top right of the screen.

If your Resource List is not there as expected, you can search for it using the course code or title. The 2021/22 list may be available but you may not have editing permissions.

Course organisers have been copied from 2020/21, if you’re the List owner you may wish to review who has editing rights to the new list.

If you can’t see your 2021/22 list, are unable to edit your list or spot anything unexpected, please contact and they’ll take a look.

Update permalinks (shareable links)

 If you use a permalink (shareable links) to link to your Resource List this will need to be updated to point to the 2021/22 version of the list (do not use the link in the browser – it will break). Generate a shareable link to your new list by going to the list edit menu and selecting ‘Create a shareable link’.

Resource Lists for Semester 1 2021/22

Please take the time to review your Resource Lists for Sem1 2021/22. We have made some changes to the Resource Lists service and to how the Library will manage the provision of Library materials which are summarised in this updated guide: Managing your course reading  This guide also provides help on how to add new resources to a list, ask the library to check for e-book availability and request digitisations. Other guides and short videos are available to help you update and set up Resource Lists for the new academic year.

Resource List Sem 1 deadline

 When you have reviewed and updated your list for Semester 1 2021/22 please send the list to the Library for review by 5th July using the ‘Send list for review’ button at the top of the list.

If you would like the Library to set up a new Resource List, please send it to us using the online form by 5th July:

When deadlines don’t apply

If you already have a Resource List for your course or are planning on setting up a new list yourself and you’re confident all ‘Essential’ and ‘Recommended’ items are already available to students, you don’t need to meet the deadline or send the list to the Library for review. You only need to meet the deadlines if you want the Library to purchase new items or provide new digitisations.

Changes to the Resource List interface

There have been some small changes to the look and feel of the Resource List website. You’ll find more information and some screenshots on this blog post.

Training and support

If you would like some help using Resource Lists, or have a question about the service, you can arrange a call with the Library Learning Services team via Microsoft Teams.  To arrange a call, email .

School Q&A and/or training sessions can also be arranged if requested. As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch



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