Using Blackboard Collaborate for remote teaching

ISG LTW, with the help of colleagues in the Centre for Research in Digital Education, are in the process of developing a series of training modules to help you bring your teaching online quickly using a set of core, University-supported tools: Learn, Collaborate, and Media Hopper. Each tool will have its own short training session where you will have an opportunity to explore and ask questions. To get us started we have scheduled in a number of Collaborate sessions over the coming week … the first one at 3pm today. We’ll be in touch about the other resources soon, as well as more details about online ‘drop-in’ sessions.

Using Blackboard Collaborate for remote teaching

With the University moving to remote teaching from 23rd March we are recommending a core set of tools, one of which is Blackboard Collaborate. Collaborate is the University’s virtual classroom / meeting platform, and the supported tool of choice for synchronous classroom sessions. In this session you will find out how to:

  • Set up Collaborate within Blackboard Learn
  • Give students access to Collaborate through Learn
  • Requirements for using Collaborate
  • Tips for running a session
  • Advice to give to students accessing a session
  • How to record a session, upload slides, and manage student participation.

The session will last for 1 hour, with 30 minutes set aside for Q&A.

16th Mar 2020 (15:00-16:00):

17th Mar 2020 (10:00-11:00):

17th Mar 2020 (14:00-15:00):

18th Mar 2020 (10:00-11:00):

18th Mar 2020 (14:00-15:00):

19th Mar 2020 (10:00-11:00):

19th Mar 2020 (14:00-15:00):

20th Mar 2020 (10:00-11:00):

20th Mar 2020 (14:00-15:00):

Please check the website for more information about remote teaching.


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