Media Hopper Replay: Retention Policy

This is an important update about the retention of recordings on Media Hopper Replay.

As part of the institution-wide lecture recording policy consultation last year, it was agreed that the length of time the University will keep your recordings would change. Previously they were kept for 24 months, now they will be kept for only 18 months.

Once a recording has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved so it is important to ensure that lecture recording users are aware of what to do if they wish to retain their recordings for longer.

For those who do not wish to retain recordings, no action is required.

For those who do wish to retain recordings, these will need to be transferred from Media Hopper Replay, our lecture recording service, to Media Hopper Create, our media hosting service – users will still have full control over who can view the recordings.

Information to follow on the process for migrating content from Replay to Create.


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