University of Edinburgh to host Project Jupyter Community Event

Nbgrader Hackathon/Code Sprint
Scotland; James Slack (University of Edinburgh);

The University of Edinburgh will be hosting a three-day community event focused using Jupyter notebooks within teaching. The core aspect of this event will be a Hackathon focused on adding improvements, fixes and extra documentation for the nbgrader extension. Alongside this, there is a plan to run introductory open workshops for using Jupyter in teaching, targeting local communities with some exposure to Jupyter as well as those new to Jupyter. Our key aim will be to improve the existing features within nbgrader. This will allow the existing Jupyter user community and new users to adopt and use this as an assessment tool alongside Jupyter notebooks. By enthusing our existing local Jupyter users to be more involved with the wider community and inviting new users to join, we will be increasing the diversity of opinion and experience within the Jupyter user community.

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