Mobile Capture Kit now available

I’m pleased to say Informatics now has a ‘mobile capture kit’ which can be booked out by colleagues. Perhaps you want to record a lecture in a space which currently doesn’t have the hardware installed? Or a research seminar? Or a video answering a common question posed by your students?

You may already have some equipment which can support you in this. However, the Learning Technology service has packaged this up together for ease of use to support you in your teaching. It consists of the following:

– Windows laptop (HP Elitebook G3)

– USB Document Camera (HoverCam Solo 8Plus)

– Webcam (Logitech C920)

– USB mic (Snowball)

– Graphics tablet and pen (Wacom intuos)

– Tripod.

The laptop has the Echo360 Classroom Capture client installed which supports recording your screen, audio (via the Snowball mic) + video (via the Logitech webcam or HoverCam document camera).

It is worth noting that the mobile capture kit could also act as a mobile solution for video conferencing. Conferencing could be managed by a web browser (such as Blackboard Collaborate) or via an application such as Skype for Business.

If you’d like to borrow the kit, please get in touch with the learning technology service.



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