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Starting a new job can be both exciting and daunting. Being in a new role provides lots of opportunities, challenges, and experiences however, getting to grips with the role, the different environment and department and being the new colleague are all factors that you need to contend with in such a short space of time.  

The IAD and HR are departments at the University that support the development of staff (IAD support academic staff and HR support all staff) through training and development opportunities and as part of this, work collaboratively on induction/on-boarding events for all new staff at the University.   

These in person events allow all new staff the opportunity to meet, network and make connections, hear from different colleagues, and find out about professional development support available at the University.  

New Staff Meet-Ups’ were piloted in 2022/23 and are now part of our core programme, running every month between October and July.   

The aim of the meet-up is to help new staff feel connected to others and the University.  The University is a large complex institution and there isn’t always the opportunity to network and make contacts out with your immediate department.  In addition to this, having an opportunity to meet different colleagues and exchange knowledge and skills, can be a valuable part of starting in a role.   

The sessions are 1hr 30min in length and the format is very informal.  We have lovely colleagues who currently work at the University come to the event to give ‘Lightning Talks’ on their experiences of working at the University, along with any development support they are aware of and have accessed.  The sessions also provide the opportunity to meet and network with other new staff. 

So far, the sessions have been received positively.  Participants value hearing from different colleagues and feel that the sessions provide time to make connections: 

“really lovely to meet people in similar situations!” 

“great event which left me feeling more connected to the University and increased my understanding of what we do and why” 

“I found it really useful to have the opportunity to meet & network with others from the University – as ‘newbie’ it helped me gain an appreciation for all the different areas / schools etc” 

“The speakers were really inspirational. It was also a nice reminder of being part of a greater community with colleagues across all departments willing to guide and advise.” 

In addition, colleagues also reported that they found the University of Edinburgh welcoming and that they feel part of a supportive community! 

If you are new in your role, feel you would benefit from this event or know of someone who would, make sure you book on! 

New Staff Meet-Up Sessions

Online Induction/On-boarding support can also be found here: 

Research Staff Hub: Induction 

Onboarding – Induction 

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