‘Getting Published’ for HCA Postgrads

As a researcher, a fundamental part of what we do is dissemination. How useful can our research really be if we don’t tell people about it? What is the point of plumbing the depths of our topic if we never share our findings with others? While there are many ways in which we can share our research with colleagues and the wider public, perhaps the most important way is to publish. Indeed, publication has long been a key expectation of academics. Our CVs include lists of publications; our biographical statements list our books; our careers depend on articles and monographs; and every academic has their story of their first publication.

In this week’s pop-up, Professor Ewen Cameron and Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz of the University of Edinburgh’s School of History, Classics and Archaeology (SHCA), answer questions about how to get history, classics and archaeology-related monographs and articles into print. The intention is to support postgraduate students who would like insights into the processes of publishing. While SHCA-related topics are the focus here, many of the insights into publishing can be applied more broadly.

The questions asked deal with the whole process of publishing, from the research and planning stage to issues of Open Access. We consider how to choose the right publisher to approach about your work, and we look at the processes and pitfalls of submitting your manuscript. The peer-review process is outlined, as are the issues around forming a strategy for your publications. As such, the whole life cycle of a publication is considered, through the perspectives of the Head of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology and the Head of the Archaeology Subject Area.


Session Recording (Media Hopper): https://media.ed.ac.uk/media/Getting+Published+for+HCA+Postgrads/1_thsbao0g



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Upcoming Events:

‘Getting Published in Scottish History’, with Professors Annie Tindley (Newcastle) and Steve Boardman (Edinburgh)

12th October 2020, 10am-11.30am BST



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