Introducing Radhika Govinda’s Rainbow Series

We are delighted to introduce the first in a seven part series by our colleague, senior lecturer and artist Radhika Govinda. Inspired by the handmade rainbows that children put up on the windows of their homes across the UK, the Rainbow Series by Radhika Govinda is a set of seven blog posts, through which she shares artwork she has been doing to grapple with the feelings and thoughts that the ongoing pandemic has brought up in her. These range from concerns about the climate crisis, to slowing down, prioritising loved ones, foregrounding radical kindness and solidarity in our quest for a covid-19-free future. 

Day 1 – ‘Anthropocene’

Day 2 – ‘Spring is Here’

Day 3 – ‘Empathetic Elephants – Non-Human Roads to Kindness and Harmony’

Day 4 – ‘Out of the fishbowl!’

Day 5 – ‘Awesome Ants and the Why-Why Girl’

Day 6 – ‘The Squirrel’s Message’

Day 7 – ‘The Peacock and the Path to New Beginnings’

Read about Radhika’s work at her webpage and follow her on Twitter @GovindaRadhika

Thanks to Martin Booker for formatting the series for WordPress.

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