What will happen to the graduate job market in 2015?

Here’s an interesting post on the Guardian Careers blog with some analysis and predictions from Charlie Ball (Head of Higher Education Intelligence at Prospects) about what might happen to the graduate jobs market in 2015.  It could be an interesting year for the graduate jobs market with things like the forthcoming general election and skills shortages in some areas affecting the job market.

Charlie gives some interesting analysis on some of these issues and it’s well worth a read.  In particular it’s worth thinking about the regional perspective; Charlie’s prediction is that London could capture a larger share of the graduate job market this year and big cities including Edinburgh will also continue to do well.  This might be something to bear in mind if you’re graduating this year and making decisions about where you might want to be based.

You can read the article on the Guardian Careers blog and Charlie also has his own blog, The View from HECSU, that’s well worth looking at too.


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