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What is resilience and how can you be more resilient

P&G came on campus recently to talk about resilience as part of our #SkillsforSuccess series of workshops. Careers Consultant Steve Norman passes on their key messages.  

You may be noticing more and more employers talking about resilience and how it’s important in today’s ever-changing workplace.

So what is resilience?  It is the ability to cope with setbacks and bounce back from them.  For P&G that’s important in a work context but it can be applied to any situation.

Here are P&G’s six top tips for being resilient.                

Find your purpose. What is that you want to do? You are more likely to bounce back from setbacks if you are doing something you really want to do.

Choose your attitude towards any challenges – you can decide how to respond or how you feel about it positively or negatively.

Focus on what you can control about the situation. Break things into manageable chunks or activities and give yourself little rewards when you achieve something and learn.

Step out of your comfort zone – P&G believe that people are most productive and creative when they step out of their comfort zone and try things they haven’t done before – as long as it’s not too far and doesn’t create too much stress.

The next step is easy – know yourself. Be aware of when you are feeling stressed and do something about it – run, walk the dog, meet friends or whatever you like doing to relax. Try to take some time away from the situation which hopefully then will not seem so daunting.

Finally, stay positive and be yourself.

And P&G shared this funny and inspiring video about how happiness makes you more productive: The happy secret to better work 

(Image nathaniel mckenzie)

(Image nathaniel mckenzie)


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