Top tips for working from home – a student’s voice

The Careers Service, along with a lot of the rest of the country, has been working remotely for 10 weeks now. We know that some of you are going to be starting roles soon where you need to work remotely too – and some will already be getting to grips with it.

So, we asked Cara, one of the student Careers Service Assistants (and a Business and Marketing student), to share her top tips for other students – whether you are doing an internship, working part time or full time, we think her tips are really helpful!

Working remotely can be a great change from the usual work routine. Although it has many benefits (working in your pyjamas!) it can be a lot harder than it sounds.

Here are my top tips on how to work from home.

  1. Set your usual work routine
    Assign fixed hours for staring work, having a lunch break and a deadline for stopping work. This helps prevent procrastination and gives you a work schedule to stick to.
  2. Manage your time to social media
    We spend so much time on our phones it can be easy when at home to spend hours on Instagram or Twitter. This can act as a massive distraction. Instead set your phone to the side and only check on it during your breaks.
  3. See your colleagues
    It can be lonely working from home and not being in the usual work space. Schedule in a group call with your colleagues to have a catch up. This can be done by Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This is an easy way to help bring the social side of work to your home.
  4. Create your own work space
    Although it may be tempting to stay in your bed, having a work station set up can benefit you. Tidy up your desk or you could use your dining room table. Having a makeshift ‘office’ makes you feel more at work and less at home.
  5. Have some fresh air
    Staying inside all day can make you feel closed in and tired. Even getting a quick 10 minute walk outside can reduce procrastination and help you relax.
  6. Put the radio on
    Having some background music can help lift the atmosphere of your work at home. Instead of sitting in silence having something to listen can help motivate you.

We hope you find Cara’s tips helpful!

This other post, on How to shine at an online internship, gives more suggestions – if you’re working from home, why not give them all a try?  And next week we’ll hear more advice, from alumni who are currently making it happen from home. 




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