Tips to end your internship on a positive note

Securing an internship is an achievement in itself, but as the saying goes, “Sometimes we’re all so quick to count down the days that we forget to make the days count” (Unknown). Follow our handy tips to keep your motivation on track and end your internship on a positive note:

Take time to reflect.

You will have experienced all sorts of new things from attending team meetings to working with customers. By reflecting on your experience, it will help you to identify your skills development. Start by having a look through your job or project description and use our online tools to help.

Organisation is key to success!

Keep a record of your achievements and note tasks that did not go so well. This will aid future interview preparation. You may be able to quantify your accomplishments on your CV. For example, by saying you developed marketing material which increased event attendance by X% compared to the previous year or the number of Facebook followers gained when you were in charge of social media channels.

Be proactive.

Ask for feedback. Use this opportunity to talk about your career goals, particularly if you would like to work for that employer in the future. Highlight what you’ve achieved during your internship and don’t forget to provide a handover of any outstanding work!

Arrange references.

It’s best to ask your line manager to act as a referee whilst you are still in the role instead of leaving it until months later when their contact details may have changed! Obtaining references may differ by company. In larger companies, you may have to check with the Human Resources department whereas in smaller companies usually asking your line manager will suffice.

Get connected.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform to display your skills and experience and to network in your chosen career field. Update your profile with details of your internship, connect with your colleagues and showcase your achievements. You can request your colleagues to write a LinkedIn recommendation which can be viewed as a virtual pat on the back.

Say thank you.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture – it could be a thank you card, asking your colleagues to go for coffee on your last day or leaving a box of chocolates in the staff room. Don’t just thank your colleagues that you have directly worked with; thank each person who has helped you along the way. Remember, everyone you have met could be a useful resource at some stage in your career.

So… don’t undo the good work you have done throughout your internship by slacking off towards the end!


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