Studying abroad? It’s a great way to boost your career prospects

And now for a post from Sarah Allbeson, Careers Consultant for the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures on how study abroad could boost your career prospects

A new study on the impact of the European Union’s Erasmus student exchange programme shows that international experience can benefit graduates in the job market.

The study was compiled independently with feedback from nearly 80 000 respondents including students and businesses. Some of the main headlines are:

  • Graduates with international experience are 50% less likely to experience long-term unemployment compared with those who have not studied or trained abroad
  • 5 years after graduation, their unemployment rate is still 23% lower
  • Gaining international experience boosts personality traits such as tolerance, confidence, problem-solving skills, curiosity and knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses. 92% of the employers responding to the survey said they were looking for these characteristics in graduate recruitment
  •  64% of employers responding to the survey also said those who have studied or worked abroad can expect benefits in terms of career progression, stating they give staff with international experience greater professional responsibility
  • Erasmus may also broaden horizons beyond the first graduate job. 40% of Erasmus respondents had changed their country of residence or work at least once since graduation, almost double the number of those who did not gain international experience while studying

If you have recently returned from time abroad then what do you think? Did your time abroad boost your confidence and resilience? Are you finding it useful to talk about in graduate applications and interviews?

If you are at an earlier stage of your degree and want to find out more then the International Office website is a great place to start.

There are also many ways to spend a summer abroad working or volunteering so have a look at our Employ.ed Overseas internships and our Global Opportunities pages or come in to talk to a Careers Consultant about your plans.


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