Setting yourself up for success on LinkedIn

Recently representatives from LinkedIn came to present to a group of students on “Setting yourself up for success on LinkedIn”. They broke the hour and half session into three main sections:

  • Who you are – your personalised profile
  • Who you know – your network of contacts
  • What you know – exploring groups, jobs, alumni contacts and the recruiter side

The main message of the day was the importance of having a fully filled out profile with the proper keywords. Keywords are one of the main ways that the LinkedIn algorithms decide which jobs to display. It also determines how you show up in recruiter’s searches. Determining which keywords to add is easy with their straightforward tip – look at profiles for jobs you would like and borrow the keywords that apply to yourself.

They ended the day with the Top 5 Things You Should Do Now!

  1. Complete and enhance your personal profile
  2. Connect and grow your network
  3. Join relevant networking groups
  4. Follow companies you are interested in and check out if you have alumni there
  5. Be an active collaborator – share, update your status, discuss…GIVE to your network

The other thing they stressed is that LinkedIn is just one part of your online footprint. For more information on using social media to your advantage check out the information on our website. Thanks again on behalf of Careers Service to Daniel and Danny for the excellent presentation.


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