One year on….reflections on my internship


Jialei Ding, a 3rd year Civil Engineering student, spent last summer working as an Employ.ed on Campus intern with the Project Services Team. Hear about her experience as a Project Management Intern, the skills she developed, and the advice she would give to future interns.


Can you describe your internship and your responsibilities?

During my internship I was involved in many different projects and my role has been varied. I was involved in things such as taking minutes in meetings, compiling reports, documenting processes, business analysis.

I also managed my own project. My personal project involved the development and delivery of a communications strategy for the new timetabling system.

What interested you in this specific role?

I feel that the skills of a Project Manager are valuable in any career. Previously, I have also worked in other projects in charities and really enjoyed producing something that will be useful for others. I also wanted the experience of working in a structured office environment. These are the main reasons I was interested in this role.

How have you benefited from this experience?

This job gave me invaluable experience in working within a large organisation. This role has also allowed me to develop my professionalism and see the inner workings of the University. The experiences and skills I have gained will be very useful to me in my future career. My time has also provided me with countless of excellent examples that will be valuable to me in my future job search.

What advice would you give to future interns?

It is important to really think about why you want a job. It is much easier to make a convincing case for getting hired if you know that there is more to gain from the role than just money.

Become an Employ.ed on Campus intern this summer. Applications are open to 2nd and penultimate undergraduates until the 21st February.

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