Looking to work part time while you study? You’ll earn more than some extra cash!

Now for a blog post from my colleague Eilidh Steele in our Employer Team. If you’re thinking about doing some part time work while you study this post gives an insight into the skills you can look to gain from this and the types of work available in Edinburgh – Rebecca

Most students will look to earn some extra income at some point during their students. Luckily in Edinburgh there is a diverse economy and a variety of opportunities available. Working on campus is a popular option and as a consequence competitive, a good tip can be to think beyond campus roles. The Careers Service has a variety of resources to guide you in your part time job search and an array of jobs advertised on MyCareerHub.

But it’s not just extra cash you’ll benefit from, graduate employers are looking for a range of skills, many of these can be gained from part time work. Negotiation and influencing skills when dealing with difficult customers, working under pressure in a busy bar, time management skills when juggling academic, work and social commitments. Being able to draw on these experiences can give you the edge when you move on from University.

Stay Safe Wherever you find your vacancies, please keep your personal safety in mind and be aware that not all employers are legitimate. Read our guidance on staying safe and spotting scams:

Staying safe and spotting scams



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