How to stay motivated after the festive break

Goodbye festive break; long lies, snacking on Christmas chocolates and binge-watching box sets…and hello to early morning lectures and assignments.  Are you in need of some motivation at the start of this new semester? As Marvin Phillips said, “The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!”

Motivation is a theme that cropped up in our #Do1Thing campaign on Facebook and Twitter last week. Here are my top tips to keep your motivation on track after the festive break:

Acknowledge your accomplishments

Reflect on your achievements last semester and how far you’ve come! Perhaps you’ve overcome a fear of public speaking, balanced part-time work alongside your studies or made a new contact through networking. Celebrate your achievements, however small, and think about setting manageable goals for this semester.

Organisation is key to success!

Keep a record of upcoming deadlines and organise your notes – it will save you time and energy in the long run instead of having to sift through piles of paper! Plan your time, break down tasks and take it from there.

Take time out

Whilst university is a big part of daily life, don’t let it consume every waking moment. Step away from the computer and take regular breaks to help ensure productivity and a healthy mindset – try alternating your study location or getting some fresh air and going for a walk. Plan mini rewards for meeting deadlines or getting through a challenging week – whether it’s a well-deserved catch up with friends or an evening hitting the gym!

Get involved in university life

Taking part in extracurricular activities is an excellent way to build on your skillset and meet new people.

The Students’ Association “Give it a Go” campaign, brought to you by university societies, sports clubs and student groups, kicks off on Monday, 15th January until Sunday, 21st January. This is your chance to try over 100 fantastic events and activities ranging from wine tasting and kick boxing to ultimate frisbee. Check out the programme of events.

And finally… stay inspired

Make use of the Careers Service. Whatever your ambitions are, whatever stage you’re at, you’ll find information, advice and resources on our website and MyCareerHub.



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