Finding part-time work

Want to build your skills while making some money while you study? With the current COVID-19 situation we want to reassure you that there are still part-time jobs available. Thanks to Anna Dryburgh, Recruitment Coordinator, for this update on the part-time jobs available and how these can be found.

What are the challenges?

COVID-19 has brought many changes to the world of work, including part-time jobs. We have seen less jobs in:

  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Retail
  • Leisure

We have seen more jobs in:

  • Healthcare support
  • Logistics

We hope to see some recovery across the impacted sectors, but it is hard to predict when this will happen. The Careers Service is here to support you in finding and applying for these roles.

To get started why not look at the advice on our website for tips on writing an effective CV.

What part-time jobs are out there?

Most part-time jobs advertised on MyCareerHub since March 2020 have been in:

  • Healthcare
  • Social care
  • Administration
  • Teaching and education

Most of these are entry level and do not require previous work experience.

We have seen more supermarket and retail roles, in both customer service and warehouse support to keep up with the demands for delivery services. Closer to Christmas, look out for roles designed to manage the increase in customer service support.

Deliveroo and Uber Eats have thrived during the last few months with demands for takeaway services rising. These jobs can offer flexible hours around your studies.

Why not consider a tutoring role? This can offer structured part-time work for students who understand the Scottish exam system. Tutoring can also be conducted remotely.

What remote roles are available?

  • Customer services has the most remote jobs available; including virtual call centre assistants, track and trace support and market research.
  • Online shopping has also increased in popularity since the start of the pandemic. The sales sector has seen an increase in remote roles such as marketing and selling on online sites such as Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.

Remote working helps you build your skills in teamwork, communication and problem solving. Plus, it will demonstrate how adaptable and flexible you are to future employers.

Where can you find part-time jobs?

Look at our webpage for advice on where to find part-time work.

Here are some other suggestions:

  • Search Unitemps at the University of Edinburgh and based within the Information Services Group (ISG).
  • Browse myjobscotland which advertises Scottish local government jobs.
  • Ask around – chat to your friends and find out where they work; ask if they know whether their employer is planning to recruit. Try to get your foot in the door before they open the position!
  • Or, why not take on dog walking, gardening, or childminding in your local area; all of these opportunities can be practical part-time work.
  • Why not consider working freelance or creating a small business to make the most of your skills? Read our advice if you are considering this approach.

If you have or are securing work experience, which includes a part-time job, why not take part in the Edinburgh Award (Work Experience) and gain recognition for the skills you have developed?

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