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Discover what’s out there with Insights Online Week

We have invited selected students to take part in Insights Online Week in February! 

Have you received an email 09 December from the University’s Insights Team inviting you to take part 21-25 February 2022 (Flexible Learning Week)? This is a perfect first step to discover what’s out there in the world of work and start exploring your career options.  

Grab this opportunity to speak directly to former Edinburgh students working in an exciting range of jobs both in Scotland and cities around the world. Build new connections as well as your personal confidence, all with the full support of the Careers Service to get you prepped and ready to connect.  

To find out more about what Insights Online is like, let’s hear from Marcus who took part in the programme this November. 

Marcus, third year International Relations 

Why did you sign up for the Insights Online Programme? 

To gain a wider perspective into the world of work, outside of a narrow search focused on my subject area. 

What did you think of your Insights experience? 

It was a rewarding process that gave me a personal insight into others’ career paths, highlighting how they seldom follow a pre-determined path, but build on opportunities that arise throughout your life. 

How have you benefited from this experience and what did you learn? 

I met other like-minded students, and graduates from a range of job sectors. I developed transferrable skills such as cooperation, communication and resourcefulness. 

Did you have any preconceptions about University graduates (alumni) before taking part in Insights? What did you learn from connecting with alumni? 

I believed most alumni would have followed pre-determined career paths in order to secure their current job – this was not at all the case. 

How has this experience influenced you/your choices in the future? 

I will broaden searches for internships specifically as this is the area I am looking to gain experience before graduating. 

What will you do next? 

I will use online tools and connections on Linked In to find a diverse range of internships. 

Would you recommend other students take part, and why? 

Yes – it gives you access to personal conversations with graduates from Edinburgh who now work across the world in a huge range of sectors. 

What advice would you give to future participants? 

Complete sessions in your own time, and keep an open mind as even conversations with graduates in seemingly unrelated fields to mine proved useful. 

If you’d like to take part in the next Insights Online Week running 21-25 February 2022 (Flexible Learning Week), sign up by end of 23 January. You can find how to do so in your email invitation sent from the University’s Insights Team on 09 December. 

Please also visit our website for more information or email the Insights team (insights.programme@ed.ac.uk) with any questions about taking part. 


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