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Chatting to Elizabeth about ChatGPT: Employ.ed on Campus intern

The use of ChatGPT has recently generated a lot of buzz and in today’s Employ.ed on Campus blog, Elizabeth Anderson, fourth year student, gives an excellent insight into her internship on how students are using ChatGPT.

Elizabeth, tell us about your internship search.

I’m currently a fourth year Electronics and Computer Science student studying at the University of Edinburgh. During my third year, I thought it would be useful to do a summer internship so I started searching through university websites and sources such as MyCareerHub (as well as external internships) to see if there was any I felt would be right for me. In the end, I applied for a few and managed to get an interview and eventually the Employ.ed on Campus internship for Learn Ultra Migration Assistant which later changed to ChatGPT intern. Initially, I was very excited to be working in a professional environment as I had only ever previously worked in retail or fast food so this was a completely new experience for me and I was not disappointed while working with Employ.ed.

What did your role as a ChatGPT intern involve?

My internship was mostly online as it was a lot of research into how students are using ChatGPT. This consisted of me becoming familiar with ChatGPT through reading articles, creating a survey and hosting a focus group. At the end of my internship, I wrote a report on my findings so the university would be able to implement changes based on my suggestions to better support students with their use of ChatGPT.

What are your main takeaways from this internship?

I have found this internship incredibly interesting as before I started, I knew very little about ChatGPT so it has been fascinating getting to learn about a completely new subject. It has also been great to have a sense of responsibility and to be able to write a report that will hopefully have an impact on the School of Engineering and throughout the university.

I have also been able to take part and gain my Edinburgh Award throughout my time as an intern. I’ve developed skills which will help me throughout many aspects of my life: professional and personal. For example, I focused on written communication as I felt quite nervous about my abilities to send emails and while it was inescapable during my internship, I’m very glad I focused on it as I feel a lot more comfortable emailing people and it has already come in useful for my degree. I also focused on harnessing opportunities and feel because I have been focusing on these skills, they have helped me gain other skills as well. For instance, I made sure to say yes to most opportunities given to me and spoke about my project multiple times which helped me improve my public speaking skills.

What you would say to a student who is considering applying for an Employ.ed on Campus internship in 2024?

I would recommend applying for the Employ.ed on Campus Internship programme as it has been an incredible experience and a great summer. My top tips are to keep an open mind, be flexible and enjoy the experience. While ChatGPT was not the internship I originally thought I would do, I have found it really engaging.  I have also enjoyed creating a survey and getting to hear students’ opinions which wouldn’t have happened if the scope of my internship hadn’t changed. It has been great to work with people throughout the university and get to experience the university from the ‘other side’.

What’s next for you Elizabeth?

Since my internship I have been putting my new skills to good use by taking new opportunities when they are mentioned to me and I also feel more comfortable and confident in my place within the School of Engineering.

Many thanks Elizabeth.

If Elizabeth’s blog has inspired you to consider an Employ.ed on Campus internship, you can find out more on our webpage. Opportunities for the 2024 Employ.ed on Campus programme, will be advertised in February 2024. 

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