Celebrating Physics in Industry

Thanks to Susan Bird, Link Careers Consultant for the School of Physics for highlighting the Institute of Physics (IOP) Business Awards 2020:

The awards recognise the significant contribution that physics and physicists make in industry across all sectors and at all stages, celebrating entrepreneurship, excellence in innovation and the successful implementation of physics into a product or service.  Their Business Awards winners this year highlight the successful application of physics in industries including medical, energy, rail, defence, quantum, magnetics, aerospace and environmental.

Including (timely!) Nebu-Flow, whose acoustic aerosol formation technology enables delivery of hard-to-nebulise respiratory drugs to the lungs, including both existing formulations and emerging novel high-value therapeutics such as biologics, nanomedicines and vaccines.

You can find full details of winners at https://www.iop.org/business-awards-winners-2020

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(Image credit: Abhilash Sahoo on Pexels)


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