Cameron and Nicole explore various careers through The Insights Programme

We are currently inviting selected students to take part in this year’s Insights Programme!

Received an email from the University on 7 October inviting you to take part? This is your chance for a fully-funded opportunity to develop your confidence, skills and connections, and to explore a range of careers by meeting University graduates working in an exciting range of sectors and environments.

To find out more about what the Programme is like, let’s hear from Cameron and Nicole who took part in 2019.

Cameron, 3rd Year History, visited organisations in Singapore

I applied for the Insights Programme as it gave me the opportunity to have an experience I wouldn’t have had access to otherwise.

Our group visited a wide range of organisations including financial, engineering, pharmaceutical, and educational establishments.

We visited alumni at all levels of their organisations from those early in their career to CEO’s which meant we got to hear an interesting range of experiences. All of the alumni gave great advice about how to move forwards in our careers and the benefits and challenges of working abroad.

I learned that it is rare for anyone, even those who have been very successful professionally and are at the top of their career to fall straight into that path without some trial and error. I learned that it is important to try different things and have confidence in yourself in order to be successful.

Nicole, 1st year Accounting and Business, visited PlayerData, Ernst & Young, and an entrepreneur in data analytics, all in Edinburgh.

I felt that having both the Edinburgh Award and participating in a programme that allowed me to gain insight into potential employers would give me an advantage if I wanted to go for internships/placements.

On all visits we met the team, spoke with alumni, had a tour of the office and had our chance to ask questions too. As part of the day at EY we had a presentation to complete at the end of the day which was very nerve wracking, but turned out to be really fun!

I feel more confident in team/group challenges. It definitely encouraged me to seek out further opportunities both within and out with the university. I am planning to apply for the Global Insights next year as the Local was so much fun and I am currently in the process of applying for an opportunity at EY.

If you’re interested in taking part, let us know below by 31 October. You can find full details of how to do this in your email invitation sent 7 October.

Visit our website to find out about the Programme and what you could get out of it. You can also email the Insights team ( with any questions, or concerns about taking part in the Programme.

(Image credit: Cameron Mowat)


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