Building your resilience and self-esteem

Cait, our Student Engagement Assistant, looks at some common issues which may come to the fore when you’re job hunting, in her second post for Mental Health and Wellbeing Week.

Yesterday’s blog post focused on how practical preparation can help with alleviating stress.

It’s also important to look at how you can mentally build self-esteem and resilience. These are important for maintaining your wellbeing during the hard work and possible set backs you’ll face when you apply for jobs. Here are some common scenarios to watch out for.

  • Imposter syndrome
    • We can often feel not good enough for our chosen careers.
    • It’s important to know you are not alone. It is more common to feel this way than you think…
    • ….and it is not true! You are just as capable as the next person. Believe in yourself.
    • Find out more about imposter syndrome here.
  • Job rejection
    • Of course it can be devastating when you open that rejection email from a job you really wanted. It happens to the best of us and we need to make sure we don’t let it knock us down.
    • The best way of challenging your disappoinment is to use the rejection productively by asking for feedback and reflecting on what you might do differently next time
    • Here is advice from the Careers Service on dealing with rejections
    • More on building your resilience
  •  Mindfulness – worth a try
    • Oh no! Not another person telling me to be mindful. I get it. I was sceptical too.
    • But mindfulness uses evidence-based techniques on steadying your mind and giving you focus.
    • Edinburgh University Students’ Association are providing free mindfulness events and others like it during mental health and wellbeing week. So why not give it a try?

Also try out the Feeling Good App which provides access to a self-help programme of Positive Mental Training widely used in the NHS   Feeling Good App 


(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

(Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)


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