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In today’s #EdEnterprise17 post, University of Edinburgh graduate, Russell Main, reflects on his experience of taking part in the Edinburgh Award (Enterprise).

After ten years in industry, I signed up to complete an MBA with a view to becoming ready for senior positions in larger organisations. However, the Edinburgh Award (Enterprise) opened doors to the other opportunities with start-ups and entrepreneurship in the University and beyond. In fact, it inspired me so much, my final MBA project investigated how to design a start-up!

The Award helped me focus on actions, and allowed me to get into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the University and Edinburgh. After a few networking events it’s clear that you have the same questions about enterprise as others, and can learn from both established entrepreneurs and others at the same stage of the journey.

I had multiple ideas throughout the Award, and by the end I had moved into an area where I could see real opportunities. Through my engagement with LAUNCH.ed I was introduced to a technology person from the School of Informatics who was looking for a business person to support their ideas. Further down the line, we were introduced to a PhD student in Physics who had a complimentary idea. We are in the market research phase now but simply going through this process will give value for starting a new business of re-entering the workplace.

The Edinburgh Award (Enterprise) does not push you to do anything, but gives you the focus, structure, and regular support needed to make your dreams come one step closer to reality.

The Edinburgh Award (Enterprise) is offered in partnership between LAUNCH.ed and the Careers Service and the programme will open again for applications in September 2018. More information can be found at:


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