There’s more to animation than meets the eye, no matter how eye-catching its many forms or the ubiquity of a medium that we all think we’re familiar with.

Alan Mason

Lecturer, animation, eca

About the Network

Animation Research Network Scotland has been established to bring together researchers and practitioners working in education and the creative industries. Its purpose is to increase awareness and visibility of the breadth of work in animation and the many related creative industries in Scotland and beyond.


About the People

We are formed of a group of academics and practitioners with broad interests in animation – practice, research and developing connections with others. Our shared backgrounds cover 30 years of animation teaching and research with a long list of publications, invited talks, events and creative work.  We invite others with similar interests to join our mailing list for updates on events, news and research opportunities. Find out more about us below.


Dr Nichola Dobson

arns Director
pgr director, animation, eca


Jared Taylor



Gary Wilson

arns Research associate
TUTOR, Animation, ECA


Rachel Everitt

Animation, eca


Michael Mullin

Animation, eca


Alan Mason

Animation, eca


Dr Andrew Connor

Teaching fellow
design & digital media, eca


Calum Main

phd student & tutor
Animation, eca


Dr Lynn Love

Computer Arts, abertay

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