Dr Lynn Love

Dr Lynn Love is a Lecturer in Computer Arts and practising artist. As a trained animator, She works with narrative and interactive animation in both her teaching and practice. Recently, she collaborated on the creation of an interactive game, Tales of Monstrous InTent (2018), an installation game played in a tent, which aims to create links between players through narrative devices, intimacy, and interdependent play.

In 2018 she received her PhD by publication, focussing upon the design of events, games and objects which utilise play to form temporary links between individuals and unlock the transformative potential inherent in all play. The PhD built upon her practice, drawing from interactive games, live performances and a series of interactive workshops produced during her studies. These works, studied from the perspective of practitioner, informed the creation of two design frameworks which sought to enhance participation by individuals in playful events and artefacts.

Lynn is passionate about play and believes we all could benefit from being a little more playful in our everyday lives. She believes that play is an ideal tool for bringing people together and helping them to see commonalities, reveal new perspectives and uncover new ideas about themselves, their lives, community and society. Working with the community is central to her practice and she has delivered a series of workshops within games and design festivals, at schools and for the general public, aiming to expand understanding of and engagement with playful media, interaction design and narrative. These workshops are participative, supporting attendees in the design, delivery and iteration of physical, pervasive and digital games, and animations. She also actively promotes playful design through public engagement and outreach, presenting at academic conferences, public events and participating in panel discussions aimed at academic and general audiences.