Seminar series: ‘(Animation) Practice makes perfect’ – Dr Lynn Love

Wednesday 24th March, 4-5pm, Dr Lynn Love discusses Animating Play: Choreographing physical player movement in analogue and video game design .

This talk will discuss the design strategies behind the production of alternative video games and analogue play installations created by Love, focusing on how the design of play can animate the player. Each of the works use physical movement to draw players attention to one another and in turn promote social interaction. We will dig into how physical movement is utilised as a strategy in each game, analysing the underlying game mechanics and how these animate or choreograph the player, and resulting play experience.   

Dr  Lynn Love  is a lecturer in Computer Arts based at the School of Design and Informatics at Abertay University, in Dundee, UK, the top university for video games education in Europe. She delivers classes in technical art, game design and experimental play design whilst also supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students in their studies of video games. Lynn is a trained animator and practicing designer working in the field of play. She recently collaborated on the design of a socially distanced chalk playground installation at V&A Dundee and a social play video game which is played in a tent

Free online event, all welcome – registration required via Eventbrite: here.



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