“The aim of this asset is to communicate something reliably true about my own experience of the pandemic, which I feel ill-equipped to put into words. This kind of truth put into music form also surpasses the specifics of my own individual experience and attempts to say something universal. Moreover, I feel this medium also elevates the conversational nature of art, which is how this piece should be understood. There is much subjectivity in art, and especially in music. There is the possibility that the listener can listen to this piece and gain nothing. This is the reality of art of any form. However, my intention is for this piece to invite the listener to think and reflect on their own lived experience of the pandemic in a conversational nature. If this piece can do that in some way, then it will have been successful. If, however, I fail in this attempt, this asset still represents the most honest expression of my lived experience of the pandemic and learning on the course. There was no deliberation or conscious choice in the composition; it is merely a creation based on my reflection of my lived experience and the pandemic and deeper understanding I have gained in this course.  

As to its legacy, music has the magical ability to freeze moments and experiences in time, crystallising them. Giving one the ability to return to them with unmatched clarity, so while in the future my understanding of this time will change and be framed differently based on future events, this piece will remain relatively untouched.

My asset is an instrumental music piece, one I feel that communicates something about my experience of the pandemic and in some way articulates my own story in a manner which I feel ill-equipped to do in words or through any other medium. Artistically, I am fond of instrumental pieces with titles, which give some words to frame what is being communicated. My piece is called: The Sun Sets & We’re All On Fire. 


Michael Warrington

Social Work

Undergraduate, Year 2

Fauldhouse, Scotland

Currents 2021