When developing this asset, I started from a global issue that caught my interest during the course. I did not think of a research question but chose a rather alternative approach. I went to a park on a sunny day and meditated. I checked in with myself and listened to how injustices make me feel. I wrote down all the emotions and thoughts. Afterward, I went to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art to get artistic inspiration. From there on I developed some initial ideas and shared ideas with friends to receive feedback and include their ideas.  

The Climate Run is designed to create awareness for intersectional injustice and make the players’ universalist and benevolence values more salient. Values such as empathy, equality, and a sense of responsibility are crucial to combating the climate crisis in a just way. They are closely related to values of environmental protection and social justice and thus seem promising to encourage desirable behaviour. 

Reflecting upon The Climate Run, I think I have successfully communicated the topic of climate injustice. My piece will hopefully help create awareness for the widely divergent realities of life concerning climate change impacts. The reflection task at the end of The Climate Run encourages the players to think beyond the game and apply their learnings to real life.

A photograph of Aylin Lehnert. It is a portrait of a young woman with curly brown shoulder length hair, brown eyes and a gentle smile on her face. She is wearing a red dress with colorful flower motives.


Aylin Lehnert

Sustainable Development

Undergraduate, Year 3

Waterloo, Canada

Currents 2021


Click here to access Aylin’s board game The Climate Run