I hope that my asset sparks an interest in climate policy and justice for those who may have found it inaccessible before. It is vital that those in developed countries understand why the responsibility of mitigation falls upon rich, historically polluting countries. I included the concluding phrase of “though we must adapt today, we must truly solve the problem by mitigation GHG emissions as quickly as possible” in order to highlight that both mitigation and adaptation strategies are extremely important in addressing climate change. I think this is likely to have the largest impact on someone consuming my work.  

Working on this asset has left a significant impact on me. In the academic sense, it challenged me to first understand and then distill climate policy and justice concepts. It has strengthened my stance on climate justice and empowered me to engage with my views politically. It has confronted me on an ethical front about the importance of  ‘practicing what I preach’, and as a result I plan to participate more frequently in climate advocacy and protests. In addition, thinking critically about the reception and impact of my asset challenged me to make improvements throughout the process. Lastly, I’m proud to have developed my artistic and design skills which I’ve seriously neglected in the past. Ultimately, both the asset creation process and the Currents curriculum have allowed me to draw on interdisciplinary thinking and connect my current studies to global issues writ large.” 


Delaney Sheridan

Economics with Environmental Studies

Undergraduate, Year 2

Edinburgh, Scotland

Currents 2021


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