Relationship between e-cigarette point of sale recall and e-cigarette use in secondary school children: a cross-sectional study

There is increasing concern about the rising prevalence of e-cigarette use among children and young people in particular, that e-cigarette use is increasing among young people who have never smoked (never smokers). Although e-cigarettes are substantially less harmful than smoking, the long term health impact of e-cigarette use by never smokers and the long term consequences of dual use (e-cigarette and tobacco smoking) are uncertain. In this context, it is important that we understand what factors predispose adolescents to initiate e-cigarette use.

Accessing and engaging women from socio-economically disadvantaged areas: a participatory approach to the design of a public health intervention for delivery in a Bingo club

Poor diet and lack of physical activity are major public health problems and are associated with adverse socio-economic position in Scotland. Women from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds are at increased risk of a range of associated health problems, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Despite this, many women from deprived areas are excluded from settings used for the delivery of targeted public health interventions, for example schools and workplaces. Consequently, there is a need to explore how to develop novel interventions with sufficient reach to meaningfully access and engage this group.

CARE: An intervention for carers/parents with teenage children

  We would like to thank everyone who attended this SCPHRP/Robertson Trust event on the 26th May. Jane Hartley and John McAteer presented their work developing an intervention for parents/carers with teenage children. The intervention is for kinship carers in the first instance, and we would like to extend a …

How qualitative (or interpretive or critical) is qualitative synthesis and what we can do about this?

Thanks to everyone who attended the seminar on ‘How qualitative (or interpretive or critical) is qualitative synthesis’, it was a huge success.     And you can watch ‘SCPHRP meets George’ here     George W. Noblit is the Joseph R. Neikirk Distinguished Professor of Sociology of Education at the …

70th Birthday Celebration of the 1946 British Cohort

SCPHRP’s Director, Prof John Frank, was recently privileged to co-host the 70th Birthday Celebration of the 1946 British Cohort, in London and Manchester, attended by more than 700 surviving members of this — the oldest cohort of human beings ever followed continuously by researchers since their birth. That study – …