Grey and red building with blue sky backgroundKuba an S4 school student and science enthusiast from Castlebrae Community High School shares his insight into work experience at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

Kuba embarked on his CRM work experience keen to learn a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes in research. He was hosted by Paul Milligan and the rest of the CRM admin team, who put together a fantastic and dynamic timetable of events fitted around Kuba’s interests.

From journal clubs and microscopy, to public engagement and facilities management, Kuba explored nearly every aspect of what goes on at CRM. Wherever he went, Kuba asked insightful questions and showed a keen scientific interest.

A triumph of Kuba’s week was the development of a concept for a Science Showcase at his high school. He developed this idea with Dom Cairns-Gibson (Education and Engagement Development Officer at Edinburgh BioQuarter) and Faye Watson (Public Engagement with Research Manager – CMVM), so that future students from his school could also learn more about what it means to work in STEM. This event has been proposed to run in March 2023 for British Science Week.

At the end of his time at CRM, Kuba chatted to CRM colleagues about his time working with them. Read below to find out a little bit more about his experience and the advice he has to share to fellow school students.

What is your favourite subject at school?

I’m passionate about all of the STEM subjects at school but right now I like chemistry the most.

What experience have you had of STEM before you visited the CRM?

I was always interested in science and visiting the CRM solidified that. It showed me so many different perspectives and prospects in STEM and demonstrated how creative and social science can be.

What was a highlight of your week at CRM?

I really enjoyed learning about the different processes they use for preparing slides and genetic engineering. It was incredible to talk with people and learn their experiences in STEM and meeting so many wonderful people.

Did you see anything interesting in the lab while you were at CRM?

It was great to see all the devices used to get specific types of cell and one to genetically modify them. The tissue cultures were also incredibly interesting and looked very cool under the microscope.

Was there anything that surprised you about research at a University?

It was shocking to me just how friendly everyone is and the great atmosphere at CRM. I think it was enlightening to see people talking about research in a casual and approachable manner.

Has it changed how you think about STEM and research?

It has made me more aware of how international research really is with so many people from different countries like Spain or China.

Has your experienced changed your thoughts on what you might want to do after school? If so, can you explain in what way?

It has made me more confident about choosing a STEM subject in university because it showed me how the day to day life of researchers looks like and I think I would enjoy it.

Is there anything more you would like to know about research and STEM?

I want to know more about research from other fields like chemistry and physics to see what I like the most.

Do you have any advice for future students coming to CRM?

The one thing I would say to future students is to not be scared of everyone and ask as many questions as you like.